studio joko proudly presents: tangled

starring: the knitter, rowan felted tweed in phantom, 3,25mm knit pro circular needle and tangled yoke sweater pattern
genre: yoke sweater
director: joko
co director: dh
photography: dh and joko

plot: all began when some 7 skeins of rowan felted tweed, knitting needles and tangled yoke pattern hooked up. the knitter started to knit. the sleeves and the body up to the armpits went smoothly and pretty quickly. the knitter had only little previous experience about knitting yoke but the director was sure she was able to manage it.

the plot thickens after the first yoke decreases. first rows of the cable chart went pretty easy but after that the knitter started to make some mistakes. she spotted some and frogged. knitted some more and frogged some more. the knitter tangled the cable big time and after row 18 the director made a decision that affected the hole outcome. the knitter frogged all 18 rows and continued, no longer with the chart but plain stockinette. the rest of the knitting with all that stockinette went predictably easy.

spoiler alert: extras had to be hired to finish the project

post production took a l o t o f time. the knitter already had some other projects and the director hates sewing buttons and binding of the yarn ends. the weather had been great for weeks and the director began to feel worried that the project wouldn´t be ready for beautiful frosty photo shoot in a nearby lake. so she made a move and hired a co director to help. the director offered new wool socks or some other warming accessories as a paycheck but the co director was happy with a glass of red wine. that was easy. buttons got sewn in no time and the director continued with yarn ends. the cardigan got completed and ready for the first appearance, which was quick for a reason - minus eighteen celsius and some chilly breeze.

director is happy with the result and wants to thank rowan for making such a wonderful yarn, eunny for creating and writing the pattern and dh for making sure that the project is done and for being so lovely.


it´s been cold in here as it is been quite a many places in the whole northern hemisphere. i knitted warm alpaca mittens for my girls to keep their fingers nice and toasty. i had no pattern, i just knitted.

neuloin tyttärille
kylmän ilman torjujiksi lämpimät alpakkalapaset rukkasten sisälle. viime aikoina on lämpimät lapaset ollut tarpeen.

alpaca mittens
yarn: drops alpaca 2925 (orange) and 3860 (green)
needles: 3mm

alpakka lapaset
lanka: drops alpaca 2925 (oranssi) ja 3860 (vihreä)

and now i am knitting them socks and next probably.. why it is so hard to sew buttons to my cardigan? there are only twelve of them..


christmas vacation is almost over and it is time to get back to normal routine. i have no new years resolution and no big knitting plans either. i go where my knitting flow takes me. the past year was quite quiet knitting-wise. lets see what year 2010 brings along.


i am very surprised and happy how many knitters have done my lina hat. i added the english pattern to ravelry as a free download (.pdf)

have a beautiful and happy year 2010!